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How Nango works

Build a pool of interested customers

Easily import the user segments you want to target from your CRM or analytics tools, or a database. Upload CSVs or just copy and paste any data from a spreadsheet.

Message at scale, remain personal

Customize one of our battle-tested e-mail templates to get more replies without sounding salesy. Include a link to your favorite scheduling tool and see customer interviews magically appear on your calendar.

Automate follow-ups and incentives

Not getting enough engagement? Enable automated follow-ups to customers who haven't responded yet or offer free gifts!

Frequently asked questions

Still have doubts? Here's everything we think you should know.

What does Nango cost?

For now it is free! And we are committed to always keeping the core customer interview scheduling tool free. We may add paid premium plans in the future but we will always let you know before we do so.

Is Nango also suitable for B2C companies?

Absolutely! Our professional templates work both for B2B companies (no matter if you target SMBs or Enterprise customers) and B2C companies. We have a few different styles available so you can always select the one that best fits your target audience. Scheduling success guaranteed!

Is my customer data safe with Nango?

Yes, as Europeans ourselves we take data privacy very seriously. We only use the customer data you upload to Nango to send them the invite for the customer interview. We will never contact your customers without your explicit instruction to do so.

What happens if a customer responds to an e-mail?

No problem, we use your business e-mail address as the Reply-To address in the emails we send to your customers. This means that any replies your customers send will go straight to your e-mail inbox. Easy paneesy.

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